Webtix sale goes through, but no sale or seats are recorded in Wintix

(Last updated on: March 28, 2017)

One of our customers reported the following:

“People are purchasing on line the credit card charge goes thru, but there’s nothing in Wintix.  The sale number doesn’t exist.  I’m having to recreate the sale and it’s happening sporadically.”

This customer has Webtix Full License, so the instructions below have the customer going into the Webtix configuration settings to fix the problem. If you have Webtix rental, please contact support@centerstage.com or 831-920-1254 for help.

Our development team researched the issue and concluded:
“This has happened to a couple other customers. We think you may have a similar problem. One of the key symptoms is that is is a rare problem (once every 3-4 months). Suddenly, it becomes a common problem (once or twice a week).

“The last time we had this type of problem, we consulted with our cloud provider. They agreed there was a problem and responded:

We are not having any network outages, nor are our direct upstream providers. It does seem there are some issues with congestion/packet loss on a few providers on the internet at large though: http://www.internethealthreport.com/

“At the InternetHealthReport website, we saw there were a couple providers that were having trouble. By the time we passed this information to our customers, the problem was fixed. We think the same thing is happening to you.

“We do have a solution though. Go into your Webtix configuration settings and change the $cstage['cc_processSeatsBeforePayment'] to true. You will find this in the file at /ticketing/_custom/_includes/config.php

“What that will do is save the Webtix transaction to the database before the customer is turned over to Authorize.net.

“There is a disadvantage. What will happen is that some customers will abandon the sale when they get to Authorize.net. When that happens, the sale and seats are saved – even though there is no money exchanged. These sales can be found out with your normal daily balancing and then cancelled.”

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