How to add service charges and fees to shows

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2019)

Here is how to add some common types of service charges and convenience fees:

Walk up or over the phone

Go to File | Payment types. Add the service charge on the payment type you use for these sales.

at door fee

Online sale, tickets at Will Call or to be mailed.

In this example, we want to create a $4 service fee for the online sale and a $3 service fee for picking the tickets up at Will Call and a $4 service fee for mailing the tickets.

Go to File | Payment Types and add the service fee:

online cc fee

Go to File | Ticket delivery method and  add the $3.00 service charge to “Hold at box office” (or whatever you name this method) or the $4 charge to mail the tickets.

hold at bo

Online purchase, print at home

We also want to set up a $2 service fee to print at home tickets. In the same window, click “Add a new ticket delivery method” (if you haven’t set up this fee yet) and add the amount per sale.

print at home

Please remember, for each show you add, make sure the first performance is set up correctly, including all needed options, such as “print tickets for this date and time.”

That way, when you add other performances, all the options will carry over to each date you add.  If you DON’T do this before you add performances, you’ll need to go into each performance and check that box.

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