How to let another organization or partner sell reservations for tickets at your theatre

(Last updated on: October 13, 2015)

Do you want to partner with another organization who can offer your tickets as part of a package or other perk?

One of our customers has such a scenario:

“We have a hotel that we are partnering with to sell packages and need a way for them to go on our website, choose seats, and make a reservation without having to enter payment. We would then bill them for these sales separately, and they would sell it to their customer as part of a lodging package.”

Here’s how to do something like that:
There is more information on adding promo codes on the following link.  The link is how to add a promo code to a specific performance.  You will need to follow these instructions, just skip the part that is specific to a performance.  There are instructions on the price codes, etc., that you will need to follow.

If you want to create a universal promo code that will be good for every performance of every show, you would leave the column labeled Performance (when in Show | Edit a show | Internet options | Promotional codes) at zero (0). That will make it effective for every performance of that show.


Go to You can test buying a ticket by using the promo code: test

Note: The above link is our test site which is in test mode for credit card processing.  You, of course, won’t see this on your own site if you’re already in live mode.

If you have a service charge associated with your online sales payment type, which is usually Internet Credit Card to make the sale $0.00,  you will need to put in a negative value for the promo code.  In our case, we have a $1.50 service charge, for each ticket, on the payment type ‘Internet Credit Card’, so we made the price of the promo code tickets -$1.50.








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