How to run a report of sales transactions for a specific promo code

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2015)

If you are running more than one promo code, you may want to determine which promo code was associated with which sale.

To do that, in Wintix:

  • Click on Report | Other Reports | Export Email
  • Click on the Select by show or performance tab
  • Select the radio button labeled Select by a single performance, Select by run of show or All shows and performances tab, depending on what you need.
  • Choose the appropriate output file type radio button. You may choose spreadsheet or dbf file, whichever you desire.
  • Un-check the two check boxes that say: Skip record . . .  and Include only records . . .
  • Click on the Edit the query tab. Copy and paste the following query code:

mainsale.sale_num, customer.first, customer.last,, mainsale.promocode
from mainsale
left join customer on customer.customer_id=mainsale.customer_id
left join master on mainsale.master_id=master.master_id
left join shows on mainsale.shows_id=shows.shows_id
where mainsale.shows_id in(9) and mainsale.promocode=’dues’
order by customer.last, customer.first

  • Click on Export list button.  The query window should look like this (see screen shot below): Notice the field to the right of Mailing list name.  You can send this query to any file you like.

query by promo code


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