Error 270 – Line item one is invalid

(Last updated on: September 22, 2016)

Cause Of Problem: The SIM interface (how your Webtix credit card sales are processed) does not accept special characters (like quotes, parenthesis, and bracket symbols).

A Wintix customer had  apostrophes in a price category for one of their shows.  When they removed those apostrophes, the error went away.

So…Error 270 – Line Item One is Invalid can be fixed by removing any special characters from your price categories and print as fields.

Well, that is usually the case. Other errors with the same name require our intervention. These can be:

  • The item ID can be invalid ( > 31 characters )
  • The item name can be invalid  ( > 31 characters )
  • The item description can be invalid ( > 255 characters )
  • The item quantity must be positive and no greater than 2 digits
  • The item cost must be a positive number, 2 decimal places
  • Taxable must be either  TRUE, FALSE, T, F, YES, NO, Y, N, 1, 0

These things are hard for us to diagnose. They require a parameter dump and close examination of the results. From there, we can modify the source code.

For instance, one of our clients reported their online patrons got this error when purchasing tickets online:  Error 270 – Line item 1 is invalid. This is an error. They didn’t have any special characters.  We did some digging and discovered that because our client had prices with six decimal places, this was confusing  We have since modified the code.

NOTE: THE ERROR 270 happened when an online patron purchases tickets through Webtix. When they click on the “Click here to pay $$$ at, that is when they get this error.

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