Credit card refunds if you are using a virtual terminal

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2015)

If you are using a virtual terminal, such as for online sales and want to refund a credit card purchase, here is how to process that refund.

You do the refund within Wintix, itself. Wintix connects with so you don’t have to obtain the credit card information from the patron again.

  • To do this, find the sale to refund (or void in the case the sale was done the same day). Once you are at the sales transaction, click on the Payment tab, then click on the Verify card button. You should get the following screen:

do a credit

  • Click on Do a credit and you will see the following screen (see below).
  • Review the information to make sure all is correct, then click on either the Credit or Void radio button.
  • At this point Wintix sends the information to your credit card processor through If the refund is done days after the original purchase, Wintix will prompt you to see if you want to Add another sale so this transaction will be displayed when generating the daily sales report at the end of the day.
  • Once this has been done, generate the Credit card log to confirm the transaction has occurred.
  • To generate the credit card log, go to Reports | by Day | Credit card log. (See screen shot at the bottom.)

creditcredit card log

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