Are there potential problems with print at home tickets?

(Last updated on: February 3, 2017)

A “print at home ticket” can be reprinted many times. If anyone arrives at the theatre with a reprinted “print at home” ticket, anyone can be let in.

On the night of the performance, have your Report | By show | Single performance handy. When a patron shows you their ticket, you can look them up on the report manifest.  If you experience any duplicate copies where patrons are making extra copies of the ticket, you will be able to deal with that without having to resort to scanning tickets.  However, do assess as you go. If you need to scan, you can always decide on that later.

The way our other clients deal with counterfeit or reprinted tickets is by the use of scanners and the checking of ID’s, if necessary.  That is why more and more of the larger venues are emailing tickets with a bar code (our software can do that). In turn, the patron brings his/her cell phone with the ticket saved onto the cell phone and gets scanned at the door.

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