Season ticket renewals

(Last updated on: February 23, 2016)

Every organization using Wintix user handles this situation slightly differently. This is what we recommend:

  • Get the shows, performances and prices set up.
  • Get the season tickets set up.
  • Go to Show | Utilities | Show schedule and print a schedule. This will have the dates, times and prices. Send it to everyone – especially the promoters. Make sure they approve. You will have mistakes, misspellings and typos. They are much easier to fix at this stage.
  • Process the orders from last season for returning subscribers – who want the same seats.
  • Process the orders from last season for returning subscribers – who want to upgrade their seats.
  • Process the orders for new subscribers.
  • Process the orders for the single ticket buyers who have paid in advance.
  • At this point, your staff has practice selling season tickets and single tickets – your way. They can balance. Most important, everyone understands and trusts you. At this point, you can put the season tickets for sale online.
  • Create special season tickets for online sales. Then have your staff post-process those online season ticket sales as regular season ticket sales. Properly done, it should take about 30-60 seconds per sale.
  • After the season ticket cut-off date, put the single tickets for sale online.

This is the simplest way to handle this situation. You have a minimum of confusion. Everyone knows what to do. There is a little extra work entering a second season ticket sale. However, this should be minimal. The big thing you are avoiding is a morass of seat conflicts, performance conflicts, confusion and hurt feelings.


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