Wintix 5 update posted

An update has been posted. since the last update in October, the changes are as follows:
*    QuitNow.prg checks to see if the clerk has backup permission before suggesting that they backup.
*    EmailExport will attempt to create a temporary file on the desktop. If it can, the desktop will be the default destination. Otherwise, it uses .\Output as the destination. Done to handle differences in Windows installations.
*    Editing a customer record has the notify flags defaulting to not visible. This stops a confusing flash on slow connections.
*    Editing a seating plan can be enlarged with a max button.
*    Pay type report for a day now has the option for custom reports
*    Printing a ticket from salesRec defaults to printing everything
*    User name is the first field in the login form
*    SalesRec.TixPrnDate has a re-done field for the datetime.
*    Selecting a performance for reports defaults to the performance of the day
*    Searching for a sale by name has an option to select ascending or descending.
*    Doing an exchange can be done by double-clicking on the performance in SalesRecPerformanceChange.
*    Adding a new name has the optin_email_list defaulting to 1.
*    The last login name is saved to a text file: LastLogin.txt
*    TixprintByDay supports printing for only 1 clerk
*    Performance report supports the House manager alert as a separate checkbox.
*    Adding a record to a sale automatically re-totals the sale
*    Changed to copyright notice to 1985-2011

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