How to make a sale with multiple dates but make only one credit card transaction.

(Last updated on: March 16, 2021)

Complete each sale without entering a credit card number until the last sale. When you have completed one sale with your patron, you will be able to do another sale using the same customer information.

Keep selling subsequent sales until you reach the last sale. Once you get to the payment screen, enter the card number and expiration date.

After you have entered the card information in the card field and entered the expiration date, click on the verify card button. Wintix will display all sales for your particular client and will have all boxes checked. You will need to verify with the patron that he/she will be paying by credit card for all listed sales. If the patron only wants to pay for one of the sales with a credit card, you can check or uncheck the appropriate sales to process. Don’t forget to input the C V V 2 security code, then click on the OK button.

After you have clicked on the OK button, if the card is approved, the word APPROVED will appear, if not, NOT APPROVED will appear.


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