Got a paper jam in your Practical Automation (PA) printer?

(Last updated on: December 22, 2016)

One of our clients reported the ticket stock has become hung in the output tray of her PA printer. It appeared a ticket(s) was jammed in the cutter area.

The blades seemed to be in a somewhat locked manner due to the ticket(s) and the motor couldn’t produce enough torque to overcome the jam. This is what PA’s support team said to do:

  • Remove POWER from the printer.
  • Remove tickets from the printer.
  • Remove the print head and look for any ticket remains on the entry side of the cutter and remove it.
  • The ticket exit slot is narrow, you’ll need a pair of tweezers  to remove any ticket remains on the exit side of the cutter.
  • Reassemble the print head.
  • Connect power and turn on power.
  • On power up the printer will look to see if the cutter blades are in the home position (OPEN).
  • If the blades are not, the cutter motor will turn on to move the blades into the home position (OPEN).
  • If the blades are not in the home position the printer will issue a Cutter Initialization error by beeping Long-Short-Long-Long-Short.
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