What are father/daughter sales?

(Last updated on: March 15, 2021)

Note: this is version 5 only

The Father/Daughter sale concept refers to the fact that group sales are a series of records. The first sale of the group is the “Father sale.” Any payments made for the original sale are called “Daughter sales.” (Why the terms “father” and “daughter,” I don’t know. Chip Brown at Disney thought it up. It made sense so we kept it.)

The way you enter payment on a group sale is to enter a daughter sale. Go to a sales record and press Alt-A. Then, you will be able to enter the amount paid. When you press shift-F11, you will get the history of that sale. This history is connected using the field MasterRec.

If you press F11, you will get the customer’s history. Any master sales are marked with an “@.”

The original sale is known as a FATHER sale while the attached payments are called DAUGHTER sales.

With Wintix6 and Webtix6 this no longer applies. Version 6 will handle multiple payments as simply part of the original sale. This simplifies things greatly.


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