How to view a mailing list and print labels for a mailing list

(Last updated on: October 2, 2015)

In Wintix, create your mailing list as a dbf file:

  • You can open that file using Microsoft Excel for use as a mailing list.
  • You can also open the file in Wintix by going to:
    • Mailing list | Any local dbf file.
    • That will bring up a windows screen that is opened to your Output folder (C:\Tix7\Output).
      • That is the folder that all lists that are created in Wintix are saved to.
    • Choose the file you created.
    • Click Ok (or Open).
    • Wintix will open the file in a table format which will allow you to remove duplications, view as a spreadsheet, etc.

    table tools

    • To print labels using a DBF file you created:
      • Mailing List | Generate a mailing list | Select a list and print labels


      • The next window comes up.
        • ¬†Highlight the file and click on the OK button.


      • The next screen should pop up (See screen shot below).
      • Just choose your options and print.

      print LBS

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