How to give permissions to do an exchange to a different performance or show

(Last updated on: October 9, 2015)

If someone can’t do an exchange to a different performance or show, they may not have permission to do so.
To see if they do, or to grant that permission, you have to be a Webtix administrator.If you are an admin, go to:

  • Tools
  • Passwords
  • Edit the list of users
  • Log in as sysadm (the default password for sysadm is also sysadm, unless it has been changed by someone at your theater)
  • A window titled Clerks, passwords and permissions will appear.
  • Click on a clerk
  • Click Permissions
  • Make sure the box labeled Exchange performances restricted to current show is UN-checked
  • Click Save
  • Close the Clerks, passwords and permissions window
  • Have the clerk log out of Wintix, then log back in
  • They should now be able to exchange seats not only to the same show/performance, but also to a different show/performance
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