How to return seats and do a refund for a credit card sale

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2021)
  • Go to Sales | Sales records | Search by sale number, customer name, etc. and bring up the sale you want to credit.
  • Go to the Tickets tab | Return seats.
  • The Removing selected seats window will appear.
  • Choose the seats you want to return.
    • Note: Ctrl-click and Shift-click will allow you to select multiple seats
  • Click on Return It.


  • A yellow window, giving you the difference in the paid amount, minus the amount being refunded, will appear.
  • Click on #2 – Add another sales record for the $______ (refund amount).


  • Another yellow window will appear, Adding another record for sale _______.
  • The New payment type will be Paid by card.  The Keep the original card number box will be checked.  The payment amount will appear as a negative.  The Balance due will appear as a negative number.


  • Click on Add the sale.
  • This will create a sale record for that customer with a total sale of $0.00 and a Total Paid amount of $ -________ (a negative amount).
  • The original sale will show a total sale of $0.00 and a payment of $_________ (a positive amount).
  • Together, the two sales balance each other out.
  • You will need to go to your payment gateway (, etc.) and manually do a void for that sale if it was done the same day as the original sale.
  • If the original sale was done on a previous day, you will need to manually do a refund.
  • Currently, Wintix does not interface with your payment gateway for credits or voids. That feature is being developed to adhere to the strict PCI regulations that are constantly changing.
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