How to fix tickets that display “null” in the date

(Last updated on: April 27, 2016)

There are times when you have “null” values show up in the date on a ticket. This usually happens when you print tickets for a season ticket header. This also happens when the date field that is empty.

Tickets that display “null” can occur when you have a Flex Package set up to Print the season ticket header. The null displays because there is no date to display in a Flex Package.

The way an empty date shows up is as “.NULL.” Removing this kind of date (while keeping the valid dates) requires modifying the ticket format.

  • Go to File | Ticket set up.
  • Select Windows printer setup.
  • Right click on the date field. Select Properties.

Removing a null date

  • Uncheck Print the season ticket header and that will stop the tickets with null from printing out each time you sell that season package.
  • Make the Print when field to be like this:

  • Save your changes and you are done.


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