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Watch an new merchant webinar video

This will help you learn the things you need to know about how the payment process works.

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Does a seat turn into an asterisk (*) when you click on the seating chart?

In Wintix, go to Sales | Regular sale. Choose a show that has a seating chart. Click Select the seats tab. When the seating chart comes up, look at the lower left of that screen. There is a Select seats … Continue reading

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What to do when the Datamax 3210 or 3306 printer runs out of tickets in mid-print

Just lift the green latch and feed the tickets in. Once done, the ticket printing will continue.  There is a buffer within the printer memory. If you turn off the printer for even a few seconds and turn it back … Continue reading

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Are there printer compatibility issues if you run Windows 7 on one computer and Window 10 on another?

A client asked us a good question: We are going to be getting a new computer for the box office.  Currently we have a Windows 7 desktop and a Windows 7 laptop.  If we replace the desktop with a Windows … Continue reading

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Check media error instructions for the Godex RT200i printer

From the Godex LCD Screen: 1. This is the Power on/off button. 2. These are four directional buttons that are used to navigate the menu. 3. This is the Enter key. Confirm that LCD screen says Ready. At the bottom … Continue reading

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Do not use special characters in a discount code name for Webtix 6!

See that exclamation point above? If you use is it in discount code name like “Discount!” the discount may not function properly or be able to be used at all. All discount code names such be solely alphanumeric. Do not … Continue reading

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Are you quick sales missing seat numbers?

What happens if your quick sales (quicksales) are missing seat numbers? If there is a seating plan, remember to click the Select the seats button or your customer won’t have a seat selected.  

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Getting the error “Wintix6.exe doesn’t exist in c:Wintix6.exe” when downloading a Wintix 6 update?

PLEASE NOTE: The best thing to do is contact our support team: or 831-920-1254. The following instructions are advanced technical directions and you will most likely need our help. Here is the issue: Wintix 6 automatically downloads an update. While … Continue reading

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Collect donations by adding a “Donation season package” in Wintix 6

You can collect donations with Wintix and Webtix by setting up a season package with which to collect them. See also: Get a Donate button for Webtix donations We recommend that you set up your donations as a season package, so … Continue reading

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Computer settings our clients understand


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