Discounts in Wintix/Webtix 6 FAQ

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Q, “When we add discount codes, is there a way to keep them from being applied to child/student tickets?”

A. There is no way to restrict codes from being applied to all tickets in the discount code setup.  All ticket prices will have the discount code applied when the code is entered in the shopping cart.

Q. “Is there a way to keep them from being available on other shows?”

A. Yes.  The discount codes you set up in one show will not be able to be used in any other show.

Q. Say we have something like a ValPak coupon. On one side of it we have Show A with VAL10 and on the other side with VAL5 for Show B. What is to keep someone from using VAL10 for both? Especially if they have both in their shopping cart?”

A. Only one discount code can be used in the shopping cart. If they want to use a discount code for more than one show, they will need to make two separate purchases.

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