How to make a form choice field required

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

To add a form choice, go to Show | Edit a show | Show notes (Wintix 6) orĀ  Show | Edit a show | Show notes (Wintix 5) and type in the appropriate HTML string.

To make the form choice required, enter the word required into each field that you want to apply it to (here is an example):

<select name=”formchoiceDay” size=”1″ required> <option value=””</option> <option value=”Friday-8:15pm”>Friday-8:15pm</option><option value=”Saturday-8:15pm”>Saturday-8:15pm</option><option value=”Sunday matinee-2:15pm”>Sunday matinee-2:15pm</option> </select>

The word required must be placed in the first option, with a blank option value.

In the example below, we made Please choose a day… required.

If a patron leaves that blank and tries to continue to the Patron information page, the box will turn red or blue and you may see a pop up, depending on what browser they use.

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