How to have a special discounted price for a limited time or one day only – Wintix 5

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2017)

A deal can seem especially exciting if it’s something available for only a short time – like a one-day sale.

During the winter holiday season, there are a lot of time-sensitive deals like Black Friday or Cyber Monday happening, but why limit yourself to just one time of year? If you think creatively, you can devise compelling short-term offers and promote them to your patrons so they can conveniently buy them online.

Here’s how:

  • Enter the discounted price categories in your show.
  • On the day(s) of the sale, make those prices available online and remove the regular prices.
  • When the sale is over, remove the discounted prices and make the regular prices available by going to Edit a show | <select performance> | Internet options | Domains.
  • You can also enter HTML in the show info/performance info fields to announce the discount prices.
  • Here is an example: We entered the following in Show | Edit a show | Edit date | Perfinfo1 and Perfinfo2:

<font color=”red” size=”3″>&nbspCyber Monday discount prices available today only!  11/28/2016</font>

It looks like this:

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