How to run a Webtix report that shows how many seats are sold in a seating chart

Need for someone who doesn’t have Wintix installed to see which seats are open and which seats are sold for a performance?

First, they will need access to the Webtix admin site.

  • Go to Tools | Password | Edit the list of users
  • Click the Add a new clerk button
  • Click on Permissions and scroll down and check the box Webtix – access the administration page


  • Log in to the Webtix admin site and click Report for a single performance.


  • Choose a show and performance.
  • Check the Seating chart box and any other boxes you wish.
  • Click View the performance report button.
    • If you wish to print it, do a CTL-A, CTL-C, then paste it into a WORD DOCUMENT.

sysadm 3

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