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(Last Updated On: March 28, 2017)

Issue:  Our client who has the latest Wintix version 5 software and locally hosts their data could not download the Wintix version 5 update by clicking on Help | About Wintix | Download an update. We also discovered when trying to add new seating plans, we couldn’t do it.

We determined it was a permissions issue, as well as port 3306 was not opened.  The IT department of our client emailed that they had opened ports for the updates multiple times.  They requested a static IP for the updates.centerstage.com server so that the necessary ports will stay opened.  Here is the answer from our IT:

We don’t exactly have an IP address. Our data servers use the Amazon RDS service which does not have IP addresses.

Instead, what they use is an “endpoint.” For the updates.centerstage.com, the endpoint is

For our use, we enter the endpoint as a CNAME entry in the DNS service. This gives us the URL of data5.centerstageticketing.com – also known as updates.centerstage.com.

To open up port 3306 in your firewall for only a specific IP address, our suggestions are:

  • Check the firewall’s documentation. You should be able to use a URL
  • See if the firewall will work with Amazon’s endpoint
  • If that does not work, contact Center Stage Software at support@centerstage.com or info@centerstage.com. Tell us the brand and model of your firewall. We will contact Amazon tech support. They may have some answers.
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