How to create a report on donations collected online through Webtix

(Last updated on: September 18, 2015)

There are several ways you can get this information.

  • If you’re getting a copy of the Webtix receipt for each sale that’s done online, that information is in the emailed receipt.  See example below:

donation 9

Here are a few different reports you can run to get that information, depending on if you want it by show or by day, etc.

  • You can do an Email export.
  •     Go to Mailing list | Generate a mailing list | Export email
  •     Choose by the run of show, date range, etc.
  •     Then on the fields to export tab, scroll down on the right column until you see Mainsale.donation and check that box.
  •     Check any other boxes you want to appear on the spreadsheet


Click Export list.

donation 2

You can run a report showing donations for Webtix sales only.

  •     Go to Reports | By day | Clerks | Report for 1 clerk
  •     Choose your date range
  •     Choose Webtix as the clerk

donation 3

  • Click the Run the report button.

donation 4

Here’s another way to get the information.

  • Go to Reports | By show | Pay type.
  • You can choose either the run of show or single performance.
  • Choose they payment type you use for Webtix in the drop down list.

donation 5

  • Click the Run report button.

donation 6

And yet another way to track donations through Webtix:

  • Go to Reports | By day | Pay type | One pay type.
  • Choose the payment type you use for Webtix.

donation 7


  • Click the Run the report button.

donation 8

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