Can’t download a Wintix update? How to update Wintix manually

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2016)

It might be that your internet connection is just a bit too slow to download an update to Wintix through the software.

Here are instructions on how to manually update Wintix:

  •  Make sure Wintix is closed on the computer you’re working on.
  • Click on the link below and save the file to your computer
  • Locate the file you downloaded in the above step (
  • Extract all files from to the following directory:
    • C:\Tix7
  • Copy and replace (overwrite) any existing files
  • Double click on the desktop shortcut for Wintix.
  • Go to Help|About Wintix
  • Click on Download update and follow the prompts.

NOTE:  If you see a message DynaZip Unzip warning – a file already exists, do you want to overwrite it, click Yes to all. Then go back and verify the date in Help|About Wintix.

As of this posting, our current build is 01/23/2015.  Depending on when you download the update, this build date may change to a more current date.

This will need to be done on all computers that are running Wintix.


  • If you cannot download the file, we will attach a .zip file to an email and send it to you
  • We will change the extension of the file to .dld, so your email server won’t block it
  • Once you get it, save the attachment, wintix5.dld, to your desktop
  • Then, go to your desktop and right click on wintix5.dld
  • Choose Rename from that menu
  • You want to change dld to zip, so the file will then be named
  • Make sure Wintix is closed
  • Now, right click on and choose either Explore or Open in new window
  • Copy all files that are zipped into (there should be four files)
  • Paste all four files into the C:\Tix7 directory, overwriting the current ones
  • Now open Wintix and you should have the latest update
  • Please let us know if you need help with this

It’s very important to keep your Wintix updated, so if you are having trouble, contact us at or 831-920-1254.

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