How to reconcile transactions using your credit card log report

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2016)

In addition to running a daily sales report, it’s important to reconcile your credit card transactions. If you are using as your payment gateway, you can set up a time within to get your batch each day (a 24 hour time period of your choice).

Say you choose 9 am as your batch time. At that time, you’ll receive an email from saying you have a total of X number of transactions for a total of $X. In Wintix, go to Report by day |Sales report. Run the report for the day and time that corresponds.

all salesdaily sales report
If you find any discrepancies, you can browse the daily sales report using the same range of dates and time. See the sample screenshots below:

When you double click on the transaction highlighted in red, you see the following:


Next, go to Reports | By day | Credit card log

Here is what it looks like.

credit card log

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