How to input wheelchair seating (ADA rules) for sale through Webtix

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2015)

Instructions for reserved seats with a seating chart

First, you need to set up the seating plan. Click on Tools | Seating plans | <double click on your plan>.

Then, in the status field, put an uppercase “W” in to indicate the wheelchair accessible seat and a lowercase “w” to indicate the companion seat.

wheelchair seats

Click on OK to close the plan. Click on the Update all charts that are based on this plan button.

What customers will see in Webtix – the seating chart now has new icons for wheelchair accessible and companion seating:

seating chart legend

Webtix will display a new screen when patrons click on a wheelchair accessible seat:

seat questionsBoth questions must be answered “Yes.” If someone tries to select a companion seat without selecting a wheelchair seat, they cannot continue. They get an error message:

wrong answerIf they have selected a wheelchair seat or a wheelchair seat and companion seat, they can continue. The next screen displays:

ADA seats picked

The customers complete the sale in the normal way.

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