How to print a ticket, so that it prints a receipt on the next ticket in a ticket format

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2017)

You can print a receipt to your thermal printer.  Before you do so, while in Wintix, click on File | Initialization | Options 2 tab.  Make sure the print receipt while selling tickets is checked.

  • While in Wintix, click on File | Label and receipt setup.  This is what comes up – see first screen shot below. Make sure the Print a receipt while selling tickets box is checked in this window as well.

label setup

  • Click on the Thermal receipt label button.  You will now see the Report Designer window appear with the name of the file you’re viewing, which in this case is thermalreceipt.frx.

purchase receipt

  • Click on File | Page setup.
  • You will now see the Report Properties window.

report properties

Here’s what the ticket looks like:

receipt 3

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