Combine Multiple Box Offices

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2021)

How Center Stage Software can provide solutions to a company combining box offices at multiple locations.

Multiple box office locations find efficient solutions to create a streamlined ticketing process Wintix and Webtix together. If your company has multiple box offices that operate independently, it’s easy to set up one as the Main Box Office that will host all the data for all venues. Each box office will be able to sell tickets to any event anywhere. Their local Wintix accesses shared data from Main Box Office.

The following is a Q & A on options.

Q. Which versions of Wintix do all the venues need, especially if the group would like to use Webtix Rental?

A. We recommend that whichever property becomes the central box office upgrade to Wintix Pro and Webtix. All other venues need to upgrade to Wintix or purchase Wintix v5. All resorts should have internet access to access the central box office.

Q. Do they need to purchase & upgrade to Pro v5 in order to own Webtix?

A. Only the venue that will serve as the central box office needs to upgrade to Pro 5 and purchase Webtix (own the full license).

Q. If they operate as a consortium, do all the resorts need to have the same version? Pro v5 or v5?

A. All the other venues that are not serving as the central box office only need to have Wintix v, not the Pro version.

Q.  Do they have the option of the Webtix rental with Pro?

A. Yes.

Q.  In a consortium, what is the responsibility of the Main Box Office?

A. They will have to work out all procedures and policies between themselves and the other venues. Our software only provides the tools to run the operation, not determine policies.  Our software has built in tools that have evolved because of our actual development of the central box office model, however, we can only recommend or suggest policies and procedures. The venues have to determine, and then decide, what they wish to accomplish.

Q. What are the advantages of combining multiple box offices?

A. One of the main advantages is that they would be managing, sharing and maintaining only one database.  A second major advantage is the sharing of marketing and advertising resources.  Since advertising is very expensive, they could all share in the expenses, rather than each resort pays the full tab.   Remember, it is always more affordable when many organizations share one large bill.

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