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Webtix doesn’t look good in IE (Internet Explorer)

There is a reason why people are using newer, better browsers than IE. It’s the devil of browsers and making anything work in it is a real pain for programmers, as it’s never been developer friendly.  Statistically, its only used … Continue reading

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The Webtix admin site

Like a hidden pearl inside an oyster, Webtix has an admin site you can access and use anytime – even when you are away from the box office and your desktop computer. You can add or edit or get a … Continue reading

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2018 newsletters

Here are links to all of the Center Stage Software 2018 newsletters. The links on the left go to the newsletter. The links on the right take you to specific articles in the newsletter. January 2018 Make an emergency plan … Continue reading

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Attach another customer to a sales transaction

In this example, Judith Jacobs bought some tickets but she now wants Mary Hill to be able to use them. The sale is under Judith’s name but needs to be changed to Mary’s name. In the Sale record, click on … Continue reading

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How to process a transaction as a gift

People love receiving event or theatre tickets as a gift! Wintix makes it easy to ensure both the giver and recipient are listed in the sale so that you can make sure the recipient is in your mailing list. For … Continue reading

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How to remove old test shows from Wintix

The easiest way to do this is to let us do it for you. Just contact our support department: 831-920-1254 or

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Is the day of the week not showing up when you edit a show or do a sale?

This is actually due to a Microsoft Windows calendar setting. Let’s take a look at why this could be an issue. Go to Show | Edit a show. Choose the show. Notice in the screen shot below, the DAY OF … Continue reading

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What is Hard Error 112 Line 347

A Wintix user was manually inputting a credit card when they received an error message after entering the number and clicking Okay. The browser would not return anything except “404.” Wintix returns, “Invalid result.” These errors are rare. They occur … Continue reading

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Do you need Cyber Security Insurance?

11/2/17 Last week, one of our theatres asked us some innocuous questions. A lot of their business was coming in through Webtix, it was recommended that they get “Cyber Security Insurance.” And, they wanted to know what we were using … Continue reading

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Is cyber insurance worth the paper it’s written on? – Help Net Security

Source: Is cyber insurance worth the paper it’s written on? – Help Net Security

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