How to test ScanTix on your iPhone

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)
  • Center Stage Software will send you an invitation from the app store. Please install it and watch this short video tutorial:
  • For the database, select centerstageticketing data4
  • Login as scantix with a password of scantix

The easiest way to get a list of bar codes to scan is in Wintix.

  • Go to a sales record.
  • Click on Tickets | Print tickets | Print all tickets. Click OK.

  • The Printing tickets window appears.
  • Select the PDF radio button and click Print.
  • The tickets PDF will appear on your screen.

  • You can scan them on the screen or you can print them.
  • You will probably want to reset the seating chart after you have scanned the tickets. (There is a function for this. Click on Tools | Scan bar coded tickets | Select the show and performance | Report | Reset scans for this performance.)
  • Start scanning. If the scan is successful you will get a message:

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