Receipts and tickets in Webtix 6

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2015)

Emailing a custom email form – specific for a show. File names and variable names are case sensitive.

Here are some terms you need to know:

  • email_confirm.html

Used for the consolidated cart – common data for all receipts.

  • email_confirmoneshow.html   

Show specific receipt. If you want a custom receipt, this text is what you put in master.emailform.

  • email_confirmmultishow.html

Used when there is more than one show in the shopping cart. This is what gets sent out when consolidated receipt is set to true.

To set it up

  • sendConsolidatedReceipt – must be set to false in Config.php.
  • email_confirmoneshow.html needs to be modified and saved in master.emailform.

The way it works
Webtix first looks in the master table in the field master.emailform. If there is nothing there, it creates the receipt from email_confirm.html which calls email_confirmoneshow.html

To get to the section, you need to go into Wintix or Webtix. Webtix does it when you edit a show. Wintix does it when you edit a show and click on the Internet options button. Once you get to either section, you can paste your HTML in the field.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
You can’t modify a Webtix ticket through Wintix…you have to modify the php files. The Webtix5 ticket-template is a PHP program that gets passed purchase-session values including show and performance IDs. A knowledgeable programmer could use the purchase-session data as a test to determine a fork in the program for using alternative
ticket-templates. With the correct customizations, it is possible for tickets to have different formatting for different shows.

To open any .php file and edit it, you can use PSPad Editor, which is a free download, or you can use Notepad, which is also free and of course comes standard on all Windows computers.

To format/customize the default PDF ticket:

  1. Copy the file “_includes/ticket_template.php” and place the copy into
    “_custom/_includes/ticket_template.php”. Do not modify the original file.
  2. Begin customizing “_custom/_includes/ticket_template.php”.

Ticket rendering functionality can also be modified by creating

  1. Copy the file “_includes/libf_renderTicket.php” and place the copy
    into “_custom/_includes/libf_renderTicket.php”. Do not modify the
    original file.
  2. Begin customizing “_custom/_includes/libf_renderTicket.php”. This is
    where the ShowInfo and PerfInfo information can be put in.

Once you have customized functionality for extra templates, you can create those extra templates by following steps similar to #1:

  1. Every new template should have a new name. For demonstration purposes replace the phrase “example” with something more appropriate.
  2. Copy the file “_includes/ticket_template.php” and place the copy into
    “_custom/_includes/ticket_template_example.php”. Do not modify the
    original file.
  3. Have the template included using
    “require(‘_includes/ticket_template_example.php’);” in your code even though the file actually exists only in “_custom/_includes/” directory.
  4. Begin customizing “_custom/_includes/ticket_template_example.php”.

The default functionality of Webtix is to enable/disable online PDF functionality via a configuration setting in “_custom/_includes/config.php”.  The on/off PDF setting affects all shows and performances online. This functionality can also be customized in the “_custom” directory.

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