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How to Set up in Wintix To set up in Wintix, you need to have a login and key, plus the https link. This information gets fed in the Wintix Initialization menu. While in Wintix, click on File | Initialization | Credit card options. … Continue reading

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Processing Credit Cards in Wintix

Center Stage Software has developed interfaces with two companies providing virtual credit card processing terminals. Center Stage Software recommends or Webtix will also work with PayPal. Click here to learn more. Center Stage Software has built an … Continue reading

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FGL printer setup

After you have installed the printer driver, you need to set up your FGL printer. This document covers the following printers: Bocas in FGL mode. Practical Automation ETX, micro ETX, PTX, LTX in text mode. Datamax S class using DTPL. … Continue reading

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Webtix 5 changelog

December 8, 2006 (Friday) Attached is the latest centerstage ticketing software in ZIP format. This version fixes a bug just found regarding surcharge calculations while in shopping cart mode. It currently runs on PHP 5.1.0 or higher with working PDF … Continue reading

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Webtix5 v2010.10.22 released

Feature Enhancements: 1) Enhanced the promoter’s domain quick-links page to display both HTML4/5 urls and XHTML urls. 2) Enhanced Webtix’s RTT-interface to enable use of the optional Max-Tickets-Per-Sale limit feature.  This feature was already available for regular Wintix5/Webtix5 events. Files … Continue reading

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Webtix rental options

Setup options for the Webtix rental These are options that we can change for you. Some of them are more important others. For instance, if you do not have a credit card login and key, you will not be able … Continue reading

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How to put a show on sale in Webtix using Wintix 5

Note: this section is for Wintix – the desktop interface. Webtix has an HTML interface to do the same work. First step: Add the show and a performance Click on Show | Utility | Add a new show. Add the … Continue reading

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Tixsales was our original product. However, it was a DOS program. Wintix replaced it. Even so, everyone who used it remembers the simplicity and speed of the program. A Windows program cannot match that. Wintix5 still has a companion program … Continue reading

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ScanTix – for Bar Code Scanning Notes: Scanning tickets with bar codes is a subject of interest to some of our customers. Like all technology, it is not without its quirks. Advantages: Elimination of any problem with counterfeit tickets. You … Continue reading

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Webtix5 v2010.10.15 released

Webtix5 v2010.10.15 released. It contains both a RTT/email bug-fix and email sending feature enhancement. Continue reading

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